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Warranty conditions of elem6 s.r.o.

This contractual warranty applies only to products manufactured by elem6 s.r.o. and their original accessories included in the commercial packaging.

  1. Product warranty

    This voluntary manufacturer's warranty is provided free of charge by the company elem6 s.r.o. with its registered office at Braškovská 308/15, 161 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic.

    The company elem6 s.r.o. guarantees to the purchaser that the product will be free from material and production defects under normal use during the warranty period. Unless otherwise stipulated by the relevant legal regulations, the warranty is provided for a period of two years from the date of the first purchase of the product by the purchaser. In the case of rechargeable batteries, the warranty on the functionality of the battery is two years and the warranty on its capacity is six months.

    This manufacturer's warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend any rights, including statutory warranties, that the consumer may have under applicable law.

  2. Method of resolving a claim

    If a defect covered by this warranty is discovered during the warranty period and a legitimate claim is made against elem6 s.r.o., elem6 s.r.o. will handle the claim in one of the three ways listed below. You can indicate your preferred method of resolution on the claim form, but the final method will be chosen by elem6 s.r.o. in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

    1. Product repair
    2. Product replacement
    3. Credit note (issuing the right to a credit note)
  3. How to claim under warranty

    To make a warranty claim, the purchaser must fill in the claim form at

    Please send your complaint together with the filled RMA form to one of the following addresses:

    Collection points for complaints

    (Always state the ID 10966 on the shipment. Otherwise, the shipment will not be delivered.)
    elem6 - - ID10966
    Hauptstraße 4
    02779 Großschönau
    Tel.: +49 1 799 871 329

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    Ú.Bypass Kft.
    szerviz cím: 1211 Budapest, Mansfeld Péter u. 27.
    +36 1 490 0290


    Slovak Telekom / kiosk Pôjde to
    OC Avion
    Ivánska cesta 12
    Bratislava – Ružinov, 821 04
    +421 910 523 832

    Czech Republic

    BELS cz
    Černoleská 482
    256 01 Benešov
    +420 277 002 200

  4. Exceptions and limitations

    Unless otherwise specified by elem6 s.r.o., this warranty applies only to elem6 s.r.o. products that are exclusively distributed by elem6 s.r.o.

    The warranty also does not apply to:

    1. Mechanical damage
    2. Damage caused by using the product with accessories other than original elem6 accessories s.r.o.
    3. Damage related to any unauthorised tampering with the product, whether this tampering was performed by the user or another unauthorised entity
    4. Damage caused by non-standard use or handling contrary to the instructions in the user manual
    5. Damage caused by exposing the product to harsh conditions
    6. Damage caused by a power supply other than the original power supply
    7. Normal wear and tear

Before sending the product to an authorised service centre, it is recommended that the customer back up all their user data from the product. This user data will be deleted from the product during service procedures without the right to compensation.

The mission of elem6

is to make high quality and up to date consumer electronics available to everyone at an affordable price.